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We all tell stories. And we tell most of the stories to ourselves. Stories that are one dimensional. Stories that we invent to help us deal with the guilt, the pain..the fear..that our past leaves us with. Some stories are years long, others are one-liners!

In some stories, we end up making ourselves the others we are the victim. And over time, telling ourselves the same stories, reliving them in our heads and hearts over and over again, the stories become our reality. We become the people we’ve made ourselves to be in these stories. And what we made up in the stories starts to happen…again.

But…are they real? Or are we just living our ‘blinded by emotions we can’t deal with’ perspective? And getting sucked deeper into the fiction that we call life?

what's the story you're telling yourself?


So i m a part of the “post a week” thingie which means I have to publish a post every week. I was on track..until this week. When suddenly staring at this screen, I felt empty. Not empty in thoughts, but empty in words. Coz it was all crowded in my head, but not one single thought could come out right!

And then I thought.. is this what happens with people who can’t express themselves very well?  Like this conversation I had with a friend last night, about her not feeling loved or wanted coz her partner isn’t expressing it as much as she’d like him to or the way she’d like it. And she isn’t the only one, a lot of people who come to me for counseling seem to have this issue. So what does one do in a situation like this? how do you talk it out with someone who isn’t a “talker” to begin with!? Or in other words..get what seems ‘impossible’ from a situation that wasn’t really what you thought, to begin with!

Possible? Yes, actually.

The key is clarity and acceptance.

We ruin quite a bit in life by making silly assumptions. Asking questions might not get us the answers we want to hear, but they will definitely get us clarity.So, yea, even if either one of you isn’t a talker talk about your problems, atleast once. And once you know what the situation is really like, accepting it is the smart thing to do! If the situation cannot be changed, it’s best to accept it and work around it.

Push what can be pushed, but if you meet resistence, change your direction! That’s the only way to move forward.

And this doesn’t just apply to relationships with others…it applies to the most important relationship you’ll have for the longest time..the one with yourself! That’s what I did..asked questions to myself, got some not very nice and “I don’t agree with..” kinda answers, but as I allowed myself to be, things began to clear up. Just open the door..I did, I found my way through the storm in my mind and discovered that writing about not being able to write is actually a good thing. 🙂

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