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New year resolutions anyone?! 🙂

Sure…only to have ’em buried under our monotonous everydays by march 12th! Na..not anymore, I’ve resolved to change this …for once I dont wanna set the bar so high that my mind already knows it cant be done! Afterall, no one starts anything with the intention of failing (in my case..crashing and burning would define it better coz failure is just too mild a word!)

So here I am..all set to make my make the most of the year “when the world ends” (does it?!). Although just having emerged from the haze of my hangover (who needs alcohol when you have no time to sleep for days!) my brain can come up with only 5.. all the better 😉

1. eat. pray. exercise.

2. if it makes me happy, allow it! (I guess it’s time I made some withdrawals from my karmic account)

3. take more trips but no more to the land called guilt

4. make love last

5. Go for it like it’s my last chance ( whatever ‘it’ might be at that point in time!)

Some things have to remain constant for some changes to occur.So here’s to a persistent and resolute you and me!

Happy 2012 y’all! muah! 🙂


Ok, honestly, how many things on your to-do list do you get done?

Like me, I’m sure you sail pretty smoothly through most of them, but with some, it’s like getting stuck in quicksand! No matter how much time you have or how important these things might be, your mind always finds a way to avoid them, doesn’t it? Well that’s coz doing these things involves eating the frog..many times! Oh, in case you’re wondering about the’s from that chinese saying, “Eat the frog first thing in the morning..” which means, get done with your least favourite or most difficult task for the day as soon as you can, so it doesn’t keep hanging over your head. And once you are done with the worst, the rest of the day can only get better, right? Pretty logical I think. But there is another saying that I’d like to go with here, “easier said than done” 😛 Especially when it comes to filing your tax returns!! And trust me it’s tougher for self-employed folks. Even tougher when you have to chase people for your hard-earned money for services you rendered months ago. (all freelancers will agree with me!) But is doesn’t end here, there ought to be a list for these kinda things…

The official “Unable To-do” list:-
Tax Returns (eeeuurrgh!)
Get the people who owe me money, to pay up  (might need to find myself a ‘gunpoint’)
Work out..Everyday (5 mouthfuls of rocky road should qualify as exercise!)
Organize my desk, my wardrobe, my head and…my life (yea, right now, it’s a kitty tangled up in yarn)
Save money. (Afterall, it is a “savings” account!)

Now my focus is to associate all these things with some thing I love, hoping desperately, that it will motivate me to finally get these humongously unachievable tasks done! So I have made another list, a “to-have” list which has rewards for me, but only on the condition that I get through the “unable to-do” list. Like…a new pair of  pumps after I’ve sorted all my tax papers, a day at the spa after I’ve succeeded in getting atleast 5 of my payments cleared. Wow, I’m smiling already! This might actually work.

So..whaddya say my readers, all 11 of you, wanna make your lists too? 😉