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A long time ago…na this ain’t a fairytale ­čśŤ

Anyways, a long time ago when I was little I used to think relationships lasted forever, no matter what they were..friends, relatives, grocers, maids, blah blah.. once you knew them they would be with you for the rest of your life! What a ridiculous notion, I know!┬áThen after a few years, I discovered that relationships didn’t only have the time factor, they also had the depth factor! oh my! You could be “close” to some folks, but not so close to others! So I decided to have only a few “close friends”, not too many.. who I would stay friends with, forever.

But then after another decade, I discovered that no matter who or when or how, you could relate to everyone at some point in time, in one way or many, for a while or forever, that you could be in a “relationship” with the whole wide world. The only problem I faced was…what do you call these relationships? When I was in junior college I spent all my time hanging out with this awesome guy who was 3 years my senior, my psychology teacher asked me, “Is he your boyfriend?” Her question got me thinking, why did she have to give our ‘relationship’ a name? couldn’t he be anything other than a boyfriend? Why couldn’t our relationship be simply about what it was, the love for spending time with each other doing things we really loved?!

Haven’t you wondered, why does every relationship have to have a name? Why do we have to slot every connection (that we are not related to or working with!) into affairs or friendships? why can’t it just be what it is…pure love.┬áLove is the only thing you get into a relationship for!┬áDon’t believe me? Think about it, it’s your love for how someone makes you feel that you make them your spouse, it’s your love for someone’s naivety or innocence that makes you become their protector or best friend, it’s your love for your family that makes a CEO out of you.

Love is at the core of everything.

And if we were to just acknowledge and accept this don’t you think our lives would change for the better?! And if we were to realize that all we have is Here and Now, wouldn’t we want to give as much love to as many as we can? I realize this and I have changed for the better! Of course, this all needs to be done well within the “social boundaries” which, again, we have set for ourselves ( but that is food for another article ;)) Hey, I ain’t saying become immoral, or break laws. All I am saying is if we stop obsessing over our “roles” in life and just feel the love, we will become more compassionate, more giving. That includes allowing someone to cut into your lane while driving coz if he was your brother, you would have allowed him anyway! It also means reaching out to people a little more to find out how you can help them rather than obsessing over how your life sucks!

So today, I have an endless list of “friends”…men and women, beautiful people who do wonderful things! And I love them all in different ways! so when people ask me..what? another friend? from where? how many friends do you have that you are “really close to”? My answer is, “I didn’t know there was a limit on this!………..Is there?”


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