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We are surrounded by around 7 billion people..hmm.

we live on one of 8 planets, (plus 5 dwarf planets) in the solar system, which is located in the Milky Way galaxy. And this galaxy happens to contain about 200 billion stars!

There are probably more than 170 billion (1.7 × 1011) galaxies in the observable universe…in which, I am an inconsequential speck. Wow! I have no words to describe how diminutively puny I feel we are as human beings.

And yet, every time you say you wanna be with me, I feel like I am larger than all of this cosmological magic put together!  🙂


Look, we’ve found it, the moment our souls recognized each other…across space and time.
The physical distance between us seeming like fleeting moments, we came to be.

Against all that we had been taught, we let go of each other..and we belonged without owning.
You lit up my nights with stars, even the cloudiest ones.. my mornings felt yellow..warm and fuzzy like sunshine..
your marshmellows in hot chocolate! 🙂

Not wanting to ask for anything, all I ended up wanting was to be an exception in your life. That one beautiful experience that not only stood out, but the one that made all the difference. And you gave me that. Without so much as a passing thought, you surrendered.
My here and now shifted to where you the future.

Now I have one life…to taste, touch, feel, love, sin, breathe, devour, melt, lose, give in, blend, burn.. And I have one miracle, you…

So today, I will not run. I will sit down, hold your hand in mine..and let you hold my heart in yours. Coz I want you to be me my sorrows, in my joys, in my moments of ecstacy and desperate loneliness..I want you to be the witness to my life.
Coz with you, I’m home.

“If there is one thing nature has in abundance other than is patience.”

Ever watched nature at work? Its at ease… takes its own sweet time to bloom, blossom, change, grow..

..then why do we struggle at times? Is there such a thing as trying too hard?When something matters to us a hellava lot, we tend to cling on to it. Hoping that tightening our grip will make things better. Pushing for the result to come…sooner and in our favour. The more important the matter, the harder we push. And adding a negative emotion called “worry” only makes things worse! But it’s only human.

I guess nature gets its immense patience from the truth that it never questions the creator’s plan. It just does what it does.

We have that choice too. Yet more often than not, we choose the more “stressful” option!  Patience seems to stem from faith and testing times remind us of how fragile our faith is.

And this isn’t about God, I mean, you could be an agnostic or an atheist..and you’d still have no understanding of or control over the occurance of events, random or otherwise! Like the believers you’d still have to deliver your best and then…wait.

You cannot push a butterfly out of it’s cocoon.  All you can do is wait as you watch over it…and believe it will be the most beautiful thing… and that …it can fly 🙂