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My mind is a playground, sometimes for the devil… but then he has to go home eventually, so everything’s good.
But there are times when it is like a desert, empty, barren, with an extremely low amount of precipitation of ‘interest’…no one or nothing for hours and hours. Yesterday was a day like that (today seems to be turning out the same way!). I was stranded at home (I recently injured my knee, badly enough to be unable to sit or stand without practicing my abusing skills in atleast 3 different languages!) Add to that the fact that my closest pals have moved from the city (lucky b#$%es :P) and all my other friends seem to be caught in a tidal wave of parenting! (5 of them had babies within the last 7 months!)

So, I was stuck at home, alone, bored after having squeezed the last few drops of entertainment from my TV and FB, reading, playing games and making a recipe using only saltine crackers! ..when a friend suggested why not write chicken soup for the bored soul! What a brilliant idea!! It is so much better than watching the reruns of “How I met your mother” (Does he actually ever meet her?!)

..or binging on sundaes 😛 (come on, once they’re in you they grow ON your most loyal fat cells!) But they are so damn delicious..drool..

Focus girl!! ok…So here’s what I’m thinking..

Chicken soup for the bored soul: a book for people who have the courage to stare boredom in its face..and not give up their right to be entertained without a fight!
The book should contain moving.. real life stories about…
1) Things to NOT DO when you’re bored- Come on, the whole world is telling you what TO DO, someone oughta tell you the Donts too! such as..Dont pick the scab off the 3 day old wound on your arm, it WILL bleed again!
2) The Formula for making your own invisibility cape: oh ho ho this will kick boredom in its gonads, won’t it?!
3) All the brilliant ideas that (successful) people came up with (and how) when they were struggling with boredom: going for inspiration here!

I am open to any and every suggestion that you might have on making this book a bestseller 😛
Got any!?



The moon is always in the sky…but the sun outshines it …
This is how we are too, aren’t we?
sometimes, it has to be really dark for some of our qualities to shine 😉

How often do you acknowledge what you really want…may be coz you think it’s too expensive, or coz people might think you’re such a loser if you can’t achieve what you set out to..  or coz you can’t have it yet or coz they’re married (teeheehee) I guess as we grow up we come to believe that it’s impossible to have all our wishes granted. And so we learn to carefully choose the ones that are nearest and dearest to us and choke them till their voice dies out. But, for one day, imagine that it doesn’t matter whether or not these wishes are granted ..or may be …if you write them down, just once… they might actually have a chance of happening!

So here’s my list (for today) :-
to have this … NOW

AND have a body like that, without having anything surgically removed or implanted (or photoshopped!)

to holiday in places like these with the man I love…without worrying about where my next paycheck is coming from (the curse of the freelancers :P)

to live in a house with a view like this…. with the man I wanna grow old with (preferably the same man from the previous point, teeheehee)

unconditional happiness

image courtesy

to hear my folks say, “you make us proud”

As of today I want these things more than a pair of manolo blahniks…everyday isn’t the same 😉
what does your list look like?
Who knows, may be these dreams will find a way to come true, just coz you opened the gate!

I’m sure you’ve been thru days when coffee seems like hot water even though it’s the strongest cup you’ve had in days!? But those days are still better, coz if you get your cuppa joe it means you got out of bed! Here’s a list of things to do (may seem very masochistic, umm…the title does say “easy” not “painless”!) on days when getting to the coffee seems impossible. (Disclaimer: The below mentioned experiments have been conducted by and on “experts” i.e. Me and Myself! Do not attempt these without consulting God..or the local newspaper dealer. Infact…DO NOT attempt, and if you do, don’t tell me!)

The first 3 are pretty much automatic, sleepyheads don’t need extra effort to pull these off. Read on…

Boink your head on the headboard of your bed
..or anywhere else is fine too, the impact is the same. i.e. imaginary birdies (or stars) circling over your head and the not-imaginary ‘ouchness’ that goes with it.

Stub your toes
Done this more than once. Somehow, my kitchen cabinet seems to move. No, really! why on earth would I walk into it so many times?! If your cabinet doesn’t have a mind of it’s own (take mine!) or use a wall. Looking down or keeping your eyes closed while walking is guaranteed to get you there.

Jam your fingers in the bathroom door
yaaaaaoooooooza! this, in my experience, is one of the most effective techniques, coz the throbbing black digits at the end of your quivering hand become a good reminder of the pain, and that ensures that you pay attention (code for ‘remain wide awake’) while closing the door…atleast for the next few days.

Pop a few wasabi peas
what are those? well…let’s just say that they look like this….

…and their taste will make you look like this…

Ok, now let’s move towards the slightly saner ones… actually there’s only one.

Solve a math puzzle
aaah, the bliss of being a geek 😉 (I wouldn’t know, coz I am not one..yet!) But if you’re a ‘droid like me, get the Math alarm clock app. It gives you the option of solving a math puzzle to dismiss the alarm. Some days you’ll hate you for being so mean to your poor little self, but it’s much nicer than making a blueberry out of your pinky!)

If all else fails, well…Zzzzz thru it all! Good day fellow Zombies!  😛

Some people become more interesting when they drink, others..when you drink!


Not everyone uses their rearview mirrors.
We all are capable of a lot more than we even attempt to reach for. Infact most people I know don’t care to use most of their abilities, even when they can make their lives much better.


Everyone is less mad the next morning.
The sun literally sheds light on any problem, big or small, and everyone is less angry and more willing to make things better the next day. Sleep over it.

Willingness matters more than ability.
Coz when we really really want it, we make ourselves able.


Everyone loses their marbles some time.
(No exceptions here!) We just need someone to help us find them.


Success affects people’s memory.
Some people claim to remember you when you become a ‘somebody’, but tend to forget you when it’s their turn!


In love..don’t propose when too happy, don’t breakup when too angry.
Actually, in any relationship, emotional extremes are bad places for decision making, but most of us realize this only when it’s too late. That means we gotto know what we’re feeling when we’re feeling it…

We usually crowd our minds with senseless ‘what ifs…’ Coz we’re conditioned to be ‘realists’ which is really just a code for ‘pessimists’ coz they don’t want you to get your hopes up too high, be prepared for the worst, blah blah. Seriously, what was your last ‘what if..’ thought? The worst one I’ve had “what if this is as good as it gets…” eeejuuuh! this one really gets me!
We all know that we have limited time and yet we choose to waste it.. imagining the worst, which, may I remind you, hasn’t happened and may not happen at all! Coz the truth is, if there’s a possibility of things going wrong, then there’s as much a chance that things will go right, right?!

Besides, how many people do you know who want to be around ‘realists’?

So populate your mind with these:-
What If….…you’re just one tiny step away from achieving your biggest goal yet!

…the love of your life is already in your life!

…your greatest talent hasn’t been discovered yet!

today is the day your life changed for the better!

Well, may be things are going to get bad, may be worse, but what if you’re going to make it anyway and surprise yourself and everyone else, in a shockingly short period of time…. you just don’t know it yet! 😉

We are surrounded by around 7 billion people..hmm.

we live on one of 8 planets, (plus 5 dwarf planets) in the solar system, which is located in the Milky Way galaxy. And this galaxy happens to contain about 200 billion stars!

There are probably more than 170 billion (1.7 × 1011) galaxies in the observable universe…in which, I am an inconsequential speck. Wow! I have no words to describe how diminutively puny I feel we are as human beings.

And yet, every time you say you wanna be with me, I feel like I am larger than all of this cosmological magic put together!  🙂

We all have good days and bad days. But some days are just mean! The kinda days you wanna hold by the shoulders and shake violently and scream, “why…why?” dramatically, like in old bollywood flicks. Today seems to be one of those days for me, and it brings to mind all those times when we feel, “don’t you just hate it when…

…you’re having an awesome hair day (how RARE is that for some of us!!)…your hair looks like Paul Mitchell styled it himself in front of your two by two dresser, BUT you have no plans for the evening, and worse, you’re sick!

…you need coffee to stay alive, not just awake AND you just found out that it’s gonna be a long and hectic day, no escape!

…the so-called quick-dry nailpaint on your toes gets nicked while wearing jeans after TWENTY minutes of applying it!

…you discover scratches on your car that look like freddy krueger came alive but no way on earth can you find out who did ’em coz it happened when you were away and your car was PARKED

…the fonts and layouts of a presentation you put days into making ‘amazing’ go awry coz the software on the laptop you are expected to use is outdated! Stupid technology!

…after months of struggling to motivate yourself to workout, you finally start..but the very next day you get your periods, way before their actual date!

aaarrrrrggggh! I just hate such days. Period.

Just 5 random things I experienced, (re)discovered, learnt…this week:-

Kids and sarcasm don’t blend!
It makes me so very happy everytime I am touched by the divinity of my 2 and half year old niece. She has no idea what ‘sarcasm’ is! Try being sarcastic with a kid and you’ll get slapped with oodles of innocence and unconditional love. It doesn’t cease to amaze me how kids are untouched by the corruption of the adult mind..the need to complicate things! Isn’t is awesome? Why..why can’t we keep it?!

Your truth is only yours
Most of our ‘issues’ stem from misunderstandings..differences in definitions and perceptions.It’s what we think the other person is doing that becomes reality for us, not necessarily what they actually intended. One’s point is only what it’s understood to be. It doesn’t have to be the truth, it just has to be yours and that’s enough. Sometimes.. that’s not very nice. Sigh.

Carol me anytime!
Christmas Carols in January? Why not? 😉 The season may have passed, but the spirit of joy stays. Feeling low or not? Just sing along (howl, in my case) with as many christmas carols as you have time for, and feel the magic of walking in a winter wonderland. Works every single time! Coz magic needs no season, and happiness…no reason.

Women can compete at anything.that’s it.
Dresses, shoes, buying vegetables! yup! Here’s the scene:- Down at the supermarket, aisle no.5, 2 ladies armed with shopping baskets, their hands sifting through a huge pile of red juicy tomatoes, and then…their pace picks up and they got more aggressive when they realize that they are both going after the ‘best’ in the lot! teeheehee. Their eye-hand coordination was amazing..really! Their hands checked and bagged the perfect ones as their eyes scanned for the next target, at lightning-fast speed. And when one of them was done, she had this smug look on her face. She even threw me a “now you can take what’s left” kinda glance as I stood there, empty basket in hand, waiting for them to finish the ‘race’. Fun. Lol.

Do the obvious dodo!
Why do we humans act so stupid sometimes? We refuse to see the obvious and then get into trouble or complain that things aren’t good enough! Like..if you serve correctly and with a smile, you will get a better tip, it’s obvious! If you jump a red light, you will have to pay a fine, d-uh! If you leave everything for the last minute, you will get delayed, won’t you? Yet, most of us still don’t do these so-called logical things. Why do we overlook even when we know it’ll cost us? Apathy, tsk tsk.



New year resolutions anyone?! 🙂

Sure…only to have ’em buried under our monotonous everydays by march 12th! Na..not anymore, I’ve resolved to change this …for once I dont wanna set the bar so high that my mind already knows it cant be done! Afterall, no one starts anything with the intention of failing (in my case..crashing and burning would define it better coz failure is just too mild a word!)

So here I am..all set to make my make the most of the year “when the world ends” (does it?!). Although just having emerged from the haze of my hangover (who needs alcohol when you have no time to sleep for days!) my brain can come up with only 5.. all the better 😉

1. eat. pray. exercise.

2. if it makes me happy, allow it! (I guess it’s time I made some withdrawals from my karmic account)

3. take more trips but no more to the land called guilt

4. make love last

5. Go for it like it’s my last chance ( whatever ‘it’ might be at that point in time!)

Some things have to remain constant for some changes to occur.So here’s to a persistent and resolute you and me!

Happy 2012 y’all! muah! 🙂

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