My mind is a playground, sometimes for the devil… but then he has to go home eventually, so everything’s good.
But there are times when it is like a desert, empty, barren, with an extremely low amount of precipitation of ‘interest’…no one or nothing for hours and hours. Yesterday was a day like that (today seems to be turning out the same way!). I was stranded at home (I recently injured my knee, badly enough to be unable to sit or stand without practicing my abusing skills in atleast 3 different languages!) Add to that the fact that my closest pals have moved from the city (lucky b#$%es :P) and all my other friends seem to be caught in a tidal wave of parenting! (5 of them had babies within the last 7 months!)

So, I was stuck at home, alone, bored after having squeezed the last few drops of entertainment from my TV and FB, reading, playing games and making a recipe using only saltine crackers! ..when a friend suggested why not write chicken soup for the bored soul! What a brilliant idea!! It is so much better than watching the reruns of “How I met your mother” (Does he actually ever meet her?!)

..or binging on sundaes πŸ˜› (come on, once they’re in you they grow ON your most loyal fat cells!) But they are so damn delicious..drool..

Focus girl!! ok…So here’s what I’m thinking..

Chicken soup for the bored soul: a book for people who have the courage to stare boredom in its face..and not give up their right to be entertained without a fight!
The book should contain moving.. real life stories about…
1) Things to NOT DO when you’re bored- Come on, the whole world is telling you what TO DO, someone oughta tell you the Donts too! such as..Dont pick the scab off the 3 day old wound on your arm, it WILL bleed again!
2) The Formula for making your own invisibility cape: oh ho ho this will kick boredom in its gonads, won’t it?!
3) All the brilliant ideas that (successful) people came up with (and how) when they were struggling with boredom: going for inspiration here!

I am open to any and every suggestion that you might have on making this book a bestseller πŸ˜›
Got any!?