We live by comparison.

Everything we experience is understood in relation to something we experienced in the past. Relationships, places, chewing gum…everything! When we like a pair of flip flops or dislike our boss, it’s coz our mind has already drawn up similarities or differences from our past (based on our way of thinking) and we get drawn towards or repelled by the qualities of these new experiences accordingly. And once we’ve experienced something, we are never the same person, we get altered. We can’t “unknow” something and the need to have the best drives our minds to compare. We experience everything in degrees.

So when you realize that you love someone, do you love them more than you did before…or more than you love someone else..coz they are wonderful, beautiful or whatever you find them to be..based only on your idea of these qualities!  The truth is, anything is meaningless without a frame of reference. But this frame of reference is very personal..each of us has a different one.

So then… do we ever experience anything in it’s ‘absolute’ness?
Or are we just puppets of our conditioning and like Einstein said,
“It’s all relative!”

Well, I guess this one is absolute… relatively speaking of course 😉