We usually crowd our minds with senseless ‘what ifs…’ Coz we’re conditioned to be ‘realists’ which is really just a code for ‘pessimists’ coz they don’t want you to get your hopes up too high, be prepared for the worst, blah blah. Seriously, what was your last ‘what if..’ thought? The worst one I’ve had “what if this is as good as it gets…” eeejuuuh! this one really gets me!
We all know that we have limited time and yet we choose to waste it.. imagining the worst, which, may I remind you, hasn’t happened and may not happen at all! Coz the truth is, if there’s a possibility of things going wrong, then there’s as much a chance that things will go right, right?!

Besides, how many people do you know who want to be around ‘realists’?

So populate your mind with these:-
What If….…you’re just one tiny step away from achieving your biggest goal yet!

…the love of your life is already in your life!

…your greatest talent hasn’t been discovered yet!

today is the day your life changed for the better!

Well, may be things are going to get bad, may be worse, but what if you’re going to make it anyway and surprise yourself and everyone else, in a shockingly short period of time…. you just don’t know it yet! 😉