In the gazillion lectures you’ve been given while growing up about how you must take your life seriously and become someone important, I’m sure you’ve been told that one must have a special quality..a spark that helps you shine brighter than others. That’s what all famous people have.

But that’s not true.. we all have a spark. The question is how bright does it burn and how long can it keep shining? That’s the special quality the successful ones have. But the reason they have it is coz they let their passion fuel their fire. We can only excel at something we love doing. The fire in most of us dies coz our rational, realistic and responsible thinking beats it to death. But, hey, it’s never too late 😉

A little matchstick can light up a tiny cubicle but can it help you cross a large valley on a pitch dark, windy night? Be the torch that never dies..find the passion that fuels you!