Come festival season and our inboxes are bombarded with wishes from all over the world! Some go “wish you and yours a very happy whatever!” While others are just “forwards” of colorful words strung together to make ’em look pretty! But in the crowd of these impersonal messages, when you receive a text that is an obvious “blanket” wish from someone you know well enough, how do you feel? Based on who the sender is:-

Do you think , “you sent me a BLANKET text!? hmm… so I’m as unimportant as the other 500 people you sent that very same text to…thx a lot!”
Or do you feel, “you sent ME a blanket TEXT, aww! It’s nice of you to have remembered me among 500 other people on your list!” (ok, we never really think that, but you know…we’re genuinely grateful!)
if you know of such a “blanket text” floating around that you didn’t get, do you feel left out?

Our responses to the above questions describe the way we live our lives. Coz it isn’t just about “compliments of the season” It’s about what we’ve trained our eyes to see! What our minds have been programmed to read decides what we notice in a situation…yes, the glass half full or half empty thing. But think about it, how happy we allow ourselves to feel depends largely on what we think we mean to someone. NOT on what we actually mean to them. Bottom line, it’s always our choice! Of course, I ain’t consistently unaffected by the initiatives or responses of others. But I do keep that influence to a minimum. And trust me, it’s worth it πŸ™‚

With social networking making the world smaller, the number of people we connect with is growing! And it’s practically impossible to “accidentally” not forget to wish someone, so most of us choose the safest and quickest way :- Mass texting! Besides, it’s just a wish, right? So what’s the big deal?!

As for me….mail me, ping me, buzz me, text me…I don’t care…I’m happy you wished me anyway πŸ˜‰