I m sitting here at delhi airport wondering…on a day when you have time to kill..on a day when you can afford to get delayed..why does everything happen on time?! 
I am pretty excited that i m going to see the Taj Mahal for the first time! 🙂 a perfect fit for my only birthday rule:- to do something I ve never done before on every birthday (do you have any such rules…condition- they have to be exciting! lol i know..rule and exciting?!)
Speaking of exciting i wondered what must excite cabin crew? taking a trip!!? btw.. I do see a huge market for anti aging creams in the airline industry..very specifically our national carrier. It ll be a challenge for cosmetic giants to come up with creams that erase years of “grumping” and “frowning” 😉
And now here we are waiting for a couple of friends whose flight is expected to land an hour and half after ours.. and ours was, like I said.. on the dot!
so we decided to kill time by getting off the plane after everyone else had disembarked (killed 1 min 45 secs there) also avoided most of the travelators (killed 1 min 56 secs) counted the shiny specks in the marble granite thingie of the sink in the ladies loo :p (killed 26 secs..disappointing..i know!) next stop- baggage claim..ah! unfortunately and shockingly our bags were staring at us, lying belly up, like a happy dog in 4 mins 37 secs! so now the only option is to look at this  …


or this  …

imageSo with close to an hour and ten mins still left to kill i conclude that murphy must love me :p
murphy s law must work both ways…delays get longer and so do waits :p unfair..just like life itself 😉 so sit back and go with the flow! And yea Murphy n I wish you all a very Happy Diwali 😀