When was the last time you took a decision based more on your gut feeling than on the facts and figures available to you? Sometimes the road is pretty clear, some times we have to choose and at other times we have to make our own road.

So how do you go about it? May be you go with what you feel is right or may be you go the other way. i.e. with what you’re taught is right. But have you ever wondered why is it “either/or”? Why is it that, in a lot of situations, what we’re expected to do does not match what our instincts are telling us?

Case in point:- a friend of mine recently lost his father. Before uncle passed away, he fixed his son’s marriage to a girl of his choice. Now this friend of mine is caught between keeping his father’s word and marrying a girl of his own choice. Instinctively, he doesn’t want the arranged marriage. But his values, his love for his father, his responsibility towards his family… are pushing him to go ahead. It’s a tough decision. But it’s a matter of living with one’s choices.

And this isn’t the only scenario where there is a war between one’s instincts and responsibilities, there are so many situations in life where one would rather not be. Especially, in a culture where we are taught to think about what people might say, we are trained to undermine our own happiness. Unfortunately, we are educated to ignore our instincts repeatedly. And with enough practice we lose touch completely. But there is still hope. Your instincts don’t die..they just get muffled. All you have to do is listen. Calm your mind and listen to your heart. There is always a voice inside us telling us what we should do. We may not be in a position to take the “right call”. But then again, what is the right call? Learn to listen to your gut, and you will know. And once you’ve taken a decision, learn to trust it. Of course, it isn’t an easy road to take, coz your instincts are only yours, no one else can feel or understand them. Just the way your life is only your life. No one else is gonna live it for you. It’s yours .. to suffer or to thrive!

And one thing I know for certain, every single time I listen to my instincts, even if it’s tough initially, the result is always good. I believe that if we all listened to our instincts more, we would make better decisions and have lesser regrets.