Like any other Indian festival, Navratri is full of lights and colors, warmth and prayers, fun and music. And it’s important for sooo many reasons…not all of them are religious of course 😉 with all the back polishing and chaniya cholis and jewellery shopping that goes on for days, you know what I mean! But this year, why not try adding something? Or should I say, removing something from your routine by going on a fast that doesn’t involve just food!

I am going on a negativity fast.  For the whole of nine days starting today, no negative thinking (at all)!

Of course, it isn’t going to be easy, but then.. fasting never is. And whether or not you’re on a food fast, or even if you don’t believe in Navratri, this is as good a time as any to join me. Think about it,  if you could pull it off, wouldn’t it be worth the effort to become a happier person? If not, at the end of nine days you can always go back to being your old petty negative self 😉 teehee

The trickiest part is catching yourself thinking negatively. It comes to us so naturally, that most of our negative thinking goes unnoticed! And what’s worse is that we don’t just fear, worry, crticize, dislike, get angry at or frustrated with others…we do it most with ourselves. So here’s what you can do, when you are in a situation or with people you disagree with, or if you receive unpleasant news, observe yourself. You will immediately notice how you’re feeling. Any negative emotion means you were thinking negatively! Right then, cancel all those thoughts and replace them with better ones. Yes, easier said than done. But impossible to achieve, unless done!!

Also, there have to be some ground rules (to make our lives easier!) So here’s what we’ll do:-

Not kick ourselves if we find out we think negatively A LOT!
Commit to it & remain commited for nine days
Express gratitude for more and often
B +ive!

Alright… Nine Nights No Negativity, are you game? 🙂 Happy Navratri!