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Like any other Indian festival, Navratri is full of lights and colors, warmth and prayers, fun and music. And it’s important for sooo many reasons…not all of them are religious of course 😉 with all the back polishing and chaniya cholis and jewellery shopping that goes on for days, you know what I mean! But this year, why not try adding something? Or should I say, removing something from your routine by going on a fast that doesn’t involve just food!

I am going on a negativity fast.  For the whole of nine days starting today, no negative thinking (at all)!

Of course, it isn’t going to be easy, but then.. fasting never is. And whether or not you’re on a food fast, or even if you don’t believe in Navratri, this is as good a time as any to join me. Think about it,  if you could pull it off, wouldn’t it be worth the effort to become a happier person? If not, at the end of nine days you can always go back to being your old petty negative self 😉 teehee

The trickiest part is catching yourself thinking negatively. It comes to us so naturally, that most of our negative thinking goes unnoticed! And what’s worse is that we don’t just fear, worry, crticize, dislike, get angry at or frustrated with others…we do it most with ourselves. So here’s what you can do, when you are in a situation or with people you disagree with, or if you receive unpleasant news, observe yourself. You will immediately notice how you’re feeling. Any negative emotion means you were thinking negatively! Right then, cancel all those thoughts and replace them with better ones. Yes, easier said than done. But impossible to achieve, unless done!!

Also, there have to be some ground rules (to make our lives easier!) So here’s what we’ll do:-

Not kick ourselves if we find out we think negatively A LOT!
Commit to it & remain commited for nine days
Express gratitude for more and often
B +ive!

Alright… Nine Nights No Negativity, are you game? 🙂 Happy Navratri!


Honestly, after I cracked my back and dislocated an ankle playing kabaddi in school, I haven’t gone back to sports. Not that I was very athletic to begin with, but kabaddi was exciting! It was a thrill to bruise, sprain, fracture and dislocate different parts of your body and yet beat the unbeatables. But now, I prefer to sit back and watch people play the games they do. 😉 And I feel that a lot of “rules” apply to life as well…

“In Boxing the ability to bounce back determines the winner”
The sport of boxing intrigues me. We take pleasure in watching two perfectly sane and fit men break each other’s ribs, noses and wills till one of em cant stand up any more! Having said that I do enjoy a good match 😉 And as it is in boxing, it is in life. Once you are in the ring, you are on your own, and how good you are at defending yourself determines your ability to keep your head above water. But sometimes the tide takes over..we get hit by unforeseen circumstances,and that is when our ability to bounce back pulls us through!
If you can stand up every single time you get punched and find the strength to attack with twice the power, it’s a K.O!

“Where the arrow goes depends more on where the archer’s mind sees it going”
Archery seems to be one helluva mindbending sport, coz unless your mind is calm your body wont follow and the arrow is an extension of your arm. It’s like.. you need to learn to be slow in a hurry! And so it is in life, we have deadlines for everything, performing under pressure isn’t a new concept. But it’s only when you see your goal clearly in your mind, that you will know how you can achieve it.Focus, eliminating distractions… eyes on the prize…isn’t that what makes winners? and doesn’t it all begin in your mind? 


“Life is like a game of scrabble sometimes, you have a bingo but no place to use it!”
I was playing scrabble the other day and I had a bingo (a word that uses all 7 tiles and hence scores big) but no place on the board to use it! So I passed a turn…and waited, no luck. I had to let go of my bingo and so I did. Next turn I had another bingo! But the same thing happened! I eventually ended up letting go of 4 and scored only one bingo in that game. But what I learnt was… with practice, I had developed a bingo mindest …I would attempt using all the tiles in every turn and the more I did it, the more bingos I could make! Isn’t it the same in life? Step 1- use everything we’ve got..our talents, skills and passions to construct a bingo. 
Step 2-To train our minds to seek the opportunities to score that bingo!


“when the wind dies down, enjoy the calm sea”
Ever been sailing? I have..only once..too bad I’m seasick coz it’s scarily beautiful to lose sight of the shore. And by sailing I mean the proper ‘adjusting your sails and knowing the starboard from the port side’ kinda sailing. So, when you are at sea and the wind dies down, what do you do? do you curse it or wonder if it’ll ever pick up again? No, you simply wait. Coz you know it’s just a passing phase. And as you wait, you breathe easy and enjoy the peaceful ocean, coz when it swells, you are going to miss the calm! And so it is in life, the ups and downs alternate, so enjoy the lull before your overwhelming success takes over… you know it will. Just like the wind, it is guaranteed to pick up!

Life is also like a game of cricket at times, but we’ll face that googly some other day! 😉

Ever felt humbled by the vastness of the ocean?… ever felt so at peace that everything seemed perfect?… ever felt insignificant under the starry sky on a clear night?…ever known someone with whom, the joy is so overwhelming that words were insufficient?

Yes! 🙂 It’s in moments like these that we truly live. Moments when you know from within that there is unlimited joy to experience (even though your logical mind might want to fight that thought!) You can still feel it, it’s a feeling of completeness, of just being.

But more often than not we are busy waiting…when life is already happening 😛 We have too many rules, too many conditions that limit us from experiencing bliss. We want things ..but we want them a certain way, at a certain time and only from certain people, why?

We have this habit of labeling a source and putting so much pressure on it to deliver, that sometimes we exhaust ourselves and everyone else! Instead, if you allow it, an emotion can come from any source, so long as it doesn’t harm or damage anything or anyone.


Joy is still joy. It may vary in degrees or the kind that we feel, from satisfaction to pleasure to ecstasy!  Like the heart melting joy, the unconditional love of my two year old niece brings to the nostalgic bliss I shared with a friend as we spent all night exchanging music from our childhood over an online chat!

Happiness is everywhere. It can be the delirious kind, an awe-inspiring moment or even just a smile. It’s upto you. It’s upto you if you want to feel it at all.

It was a very liberating experience for me when I learnt to look for joy in everything that I did and everyone that  I met 🙂 I realized how much I had missed, and decided not to miss out anymore. My niece reminds me that time shouldn’t be wasted..every single day! She comes to you and asks you for something, once, twice. If she doesn’t get it, she moves on to someone else in the house and repeats. Lol.

You might say that it isn’t as simple for us grownups though. But, trust me, you ll be amazed! Life is actually quite simple. And it is true what they say…what you seek is what you find! If you just open your mind and seek only will find a million sources that bring a million moments overflowing with joy! And those million will grow into a million more.

And when you find that one moment where it feels so good that you can’t stop smiling…. step outside of yourself and acknowledge it!

Make it a memory…coz you have just lived!

“If there is one thing nature has in abundance other than is patience.”

Ever watched nature at work? Its at ease… takes its own sweet time to bloom, blossom, change, grow..

..then why do we struggle at times? Is there such a thing as trying too hard?When something matters to us a hellava lot, we tend to cling on to it. Hoping that tightening our grip will make things better. Pushing for the result to come…sooner and in our favour. The more important the matter, the harder we push. And adding a negative emotion called “worry” only makes things worse! But it’s only human.

I guess nature gets its immense patience from the truth that it never questions the creator’s plan. It just does what it does.

We have that choice too. Yet more often than not, we choose the more “stressful” option!  Patience seems to stem from faith and testing times remind us of how fragile our faith is.

And this isn’t about God, I mean, you could be an agnostic or an atheist..and you’d still have no understanding of or control over the occurance of events, random or otherwise! Like the believers you’d still have to deliver your best and then…wait.

You cannot push a butterfly out of it’s cocoon.  All you can do is wait as you watch over it…and believe it will be the most beautiful thing… and that …it can fly 🙂

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