When we say it’s time, it’s way beyond ‘time’! That’s exactly the case with my blog 🙂 Nonetheless, even after the time has passed, my blog has finally arrived, and so I am overjoyed. Too bad a typed word doesn’t convey the emotion 😛 But it is safe for you to assume overflowing joy anyways.

So welcome to Rachel’s “stew de vie”.This is where you ll find my seasonings (read points of view) to this dish called Life (daily learnings) 😉 Some recipes that I might have tried myself (my own triumphs and disasters), some recommended (or not) by others, some by simply watching and learning (sometimes that can be the best way!) You can join me in exploring every single taste, flavor, aroma, texture and temperature that life has to offer. We can keep gorging on what we like and ‘trashcan’ what we don’t.  Since we get to go through this journey only once, let’s make it the most scrumptiously delicious one ever!

This isn’t going to be a ‘how to boil an egg’ kind of experience but one thing I guarantee you, if you jump in with me whole heartedly- forks, peelers, instincts et al.. there ll be a lot for you to take home when you try Your hand at this dish called Life 😀

Bon appétit-o!