My mind is a playground, sometimes for the devil… but then he has to go home eventually, so everything’s good.
But there are times when it is like a desert, empty, barren, with an extremely low amount of precipitation of ‘interest’…no one or nothing for hours and hours. Yesterday was a day like that (today seems to be turning out the same way!). I was stranded at home (I recently injured my knee, badly enough to be unable to sit or stand without practicing my abusing skills in atleast 3 different languages!) Add to that the fact that my closest pals have moved from the city (lucky b#$%es :P) and all my other friends seem to be caught in a tidal wave of parenting! (5 of them had babies within the last 7 months!)

So, I was stuck at home, alone, bored after having squeezed the last few drops of entertainment from my TV and FB, reading, playing games and making a recipe using only saltine crackers! ..when a friend suggested why not write chicken soup for the bored soul! What a brilliant idea!! It is so much better than watching the reruns of “How I met your mother” (Does he actually ever meet her?!)

..or binging on sundaes πŸ˜› (come on, once they’re in you they grow ON your most loyal fat cells!) But they are so damn delicious..drool..

Focus girl!! ok…So here’s what I’m thinking..

Chicken soup for the bored soul: a book for people who have the courage to stare boredom in its face..and not give up their right to be entertained without a fight!
The book should contain moving.. real life stories about…
1) Things to NOT DO when you’re bored- Come on, the whole world is telling you what TO DO, someone oughta tell you the Donts too! such as..Dont pick the scab off the 3 day old wound on your arm, it WILL bleed again!
2) The Formula for making your own invisibility cape: oh ho ho this will kick boredom in its gonads, won’t it?!
3) All the brilliant ideas that (successful) people came up with (and how) when they were struggling with boredom: going for inspiration here!

I am open to any and every suggestion that you might have on making this book a bestseller πŸ˜›
Got any!?



I keep my smiles in a jar…so I can pull one out when I need it..
My smiles in a jar are memories …of our times together…your voice, my sighs, the love we made, my blushing cheeks, the look in your eyes, the tingling in my heart, the longing and the belonging …
you ask why I don’t put my memories with others in the jar? Well, they aren’t memories..they’re just hangovers.

I’ll keep you…you’ll be my jar of smiles.

Wondering why it says Sachin G. Tendulkar, when Sachin’s middle name is Ramesh? Well, the G stands for God πŸ™‚
I have never been a die hard cricket fan. But being born in a country where cricket is a religion, (and yet, the game aside!) it’s impossible to not be touched by the amazing grace of Sachin. When Sachin plays, even time stands still to watch him!

He is the one who has pushed his limits till they broke themselves. His humility and passion are as awe striking as his efforts and perseverance. His amazing mind that drives his performance, his understanding of the game that feeds his desire to become better and better has inspired countless people over generations. His presence on the field has brought joy to millions. Sachin Tendulkar is more than a legendary cricketer, a brand, a ‘God’ to cricket lovers, and innumerable other ‘titles’.

To me, heΒ  is proof that it is humanly possible to be superhuman.
Thank you Sachin and Happy Birthday!

What should I gift the one who has everything…love and success, wealth and blessings…

A mirror…

…to remind you of the abundance that surrounds your presence and pray it multiplies boundlessly…

The moon is always in the sky…but the sun outshines it …
This is how we are too, aren’t we?
sometimes, it has to be really dark for some of our qualities to shine πŸ˜‰

Loneliness echoes in the silence that keeps me company,
the beating of my heart, deafeningly loud

memories of us etched in the wrinkles on my face
now, fading away… like a passing cloud

my body as bare as my mind and my soul,
lifeless and lost in my dreams

so many long years, in the blink of an eye
disintegrating into noiseless screams…

How often do we come across someone we want to spend the rest of our lives with? And yet, sometimes, things don’t go the way we thought they would. The ever growing cracks in the most important relationship in our lives start to weaken everything that we touch. And then, parting ways, may be even for a while, seems like the only way to prevent any further damage.Β  But going through a separation can never be easy.Β  There are a few things though, that you can do to separate the pain from the separation. Although not completely, you can make this painful process hurt a little less.

Make sure this is it: Tried everything else to make it work? Alright, if this is the only way you both can have a better life, take the step, but once you’ve taken it, don’t question your judgement. Don’t look back and wonder. Doubting yourself will only cause a panic attack making you more vulnerable to do something worse! Just move forward.

Part peacefully: This might seem almost impossible… depending on the reason for separation (how do you part peacefully with a person who cheated on you?) Well, it can still be done, may be after you’ve gotten a hold of your emotions and have come to terms with the fact that it’s time to move on. But if your case isn’t this extreme, try to be as civil as possible. After all, you don’t want their last memory of you (and vice versa) to be a bitter one?! But doing so not only helps you keep your dignity, it helps you move on faster. You’ll have one less person to forgive (yourself) when you’re letting go of your past.

Move out of your house: If your spouse has moved out when you separated,Β  but you still continue living in the house you both stayed in together, it’ll be very difficult for you to move on. A place full of your partner’s memories can be overwhelming and suffocating if you’re trying to get over them. Their constant presence in your daily activities will slow down your healing process. So, if you can, move out…at least for a while. If you can’t afford another place, ask a friend for a favor..till you feel strong enough to be on your own back in the same house.

Remember- everything is a choice: The way you both decided to handle your relationship, the decision to part ways, everything that you did, and are still doing is a matter of choice. You have to consciously choose to accept your decision and overcome the guilt you might be feeling coz you gave up. May be you can choose to be together again tomorrow..or may be you’ll choose another partner that you can have a better relationship with.
Either way, you can always choose to be happy. And you owe it to yourself to choose happiness.

Keep the good ones: Whether or not you decide to patch up, remember only the good times. Remember how their smile lifted your spirit, how they made your day no matter how crappy it was, how you both loved to try new cuisines…the list is endless! Remembering only the good things about them will reduce the pain the bad memories bring. Train your mind to sharpen the focus only on the happy stuff each time they come to your mind, and blur the bad times. In case you decide to get together with your partner again, do the same process. It’ll prevent you from bringing up how they hurt you years ago, in any future fights that you might have. It’ll also help you appreciate what you love about them a little more by keeping it fresh in your mind.

One last thing to remember…tomorrow is a brand new day, and love will find a way to find you!

How often do you acknowledge what you really want…may be coz you think it’s too expensive, or coz people might think you’re such a loser if you can’t achieve what you set out to..Β  or coz you can’t have it yet or coz they’re married (teeheehee) I guess as we grow up we come to believe that it’s impossible to have all our wishes granted. And so we learn to carefully choose the ones that are nearest and dearest to us and choke them till their voice dies out. But, for one day, imagine that it doesn’t matter whether or not these wishes are granted ..or may be …if you write them down, just once… they might actually have a chance of happening!

So here’s my list (for today) :-
to have this … NOW

AND have a body like that, without having anything surgically removed or implanted (or photoshopped!)

to holiday in places like these with the man I love…without worrying about where my next paycheck is coming from (the curse of the freelancers :P)

to live in a house with a view like this…. with the man I wanna grow old with (preferably the same man from the previous point, teeheehee)

unconditional happiness

image courtesy

to hear my folks say, “you make us proud”

As of today I want these things more than a pair of manolo blahniks…everyday isn’t the same πŸ˜‰
what does your list look like?
Who knows, may be these dreams will find a way to come true, just coz you opened the gate!

Ever tried doing something? Of course you did! But then what happened? You did it? or you didn’t. Or you kept ‘trying’ to do it for a long long time. But here’s what matters:- while you were trying to do it, what was happening? What was the result? What happens when someone says they’ll try to make it for your party (or when you say it?!)

So what really counts is the result. Irrespective of the amount of effort you might be putting in, if it isn’t getting you where you wanna be, what’s the point? May be you need to change your tactics…or may be even change your goal. But, move…now! Coz the truth is, if you really want it, you’ll find a way to get it. And if you haven’t gotten it yet…hmmm.

So here’s an exercise for you:- take a pencil and place it on a table in front of you, now try lifting the pencil off the table with your hand. Go ahead, try it. NO, don’t pick it up, just ‘try’ to pick it up. Nah, come on! Don’t leave it on the table, ‘try’ to pick it up!! No?? So much for all the trying we fool ourselves into believing! Ah, well…. πŸ˜‰

We all tell stories. And we tell most of the stories to ourselves. Stories that are one dimensional. Stories that we invent to help us deal with the guilt, the pain..the fear..that our past leaves us with. Some stories are years long, others are one-liners!

In some stories, we end up making ourselves the others we are the victim. And over time, telling ourselves the same stories, reliving them in our heads and hearts over and over again, the stories become our reality. We become the people we’ve made ourselves to be in these stories. And what we made up in the stories starts to happen…again.

But…are they real? Or are we just living our ‘blinded by emotions we can’t deal with’ perspective? And getting sucked deeper into the fiction that we call life?

what's the story you're telling yourself?

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